Choosing a Collision Repair Shop

Your vehicle may be the second largest investment you make in your lifetime.  Asking the right questions, and taking a shop tour can help you decide whether your investment will be in the best hands.  If you feel comfortable after your visit with the collision repair business, chances are you will be satisfied with their service also.

The most important things to look for are:

    • Modern Equipment
    • Current technical reference materials
    • Cleanliness
    • Warrenty Program 

Modern equipment and current technical reference materials show a business is up-to-date with technology and can repair your vehicle properly.  The shop will need a three-dimensional measuring system to measure the height, width and length of your vehicle’s  structure.  Because this structure supports all steering and suspension parts, these points of your vehicle must be properly repaired to factory measurements.  This is most cases, is as three millimeters – the thickness of three dimes.  Some vehicle today require a tolerance no greater that one millimeter.

Cleanliness and atmosphere can say a lot about the business and technicians’ attitudes.  They business should be willing to give you a ship tour and show you their facility and equipment.

Most professional shops shop also offer a warranty on their repairs.  This is to protect you if something does not work properly after the repair is complete.

The Estimate

Bodyshop techHow accurately the damage to your vehicle is analyzed can affect the quality of your repair.  That’s why it’s important your vehicle is inspected by an I-CAR Gold Class Professional business.  A Gold Class business can detect any damage to your vehicle, and will ensure that the proper repair procedures are followed during the repair process.

After your vehicle estimate is complete, be sure to get a copy of the damage report.  This becomes the “blueprint” for repairing your vehicle.  Ask the estimator to explain, in detail, what damage was done to your vehicle and how it will be repaired.

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