When you’ve been in a Collision


Here is an accident checklist available to download at your convenience.

ACCC Accident Checklist.pdf

  •  * Call the police to the scene of the collision.  If you’re injured it’s important you get treatment immediately.  Even if there doesn’t appear to be any damage to your vehicle, a crash report will verify that you and other parties were involved in a collision.  This will help your claim in case hidden damage is discovered later.

* Contact your insurance company as soon as possible  after the collision (some policed require notice within 24 hours).  They’re there to help you deal with the other parties involved in the collision.

* After taking care of personal injuries, the next step is to take care of are the damages to your vehicle.  You want to know how much damage was done, how much the repairs are going to cost, how long you’ll be without your vehicle, and most importantly-will your vehicle look and drive the same after it has been repaired.  Being involved in a collision can be an unpleasant experience; choosing a qualified collision repair shop can help minimize the stress.