Consumer Rights Information

Insurance Code section 758.5

CA Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Automotive Repair

CA Department of Insurance

CA Department of Motor Vehicles

California Motorist Bill of Rights

1. Do I have the right to take my car to the shop of my choice?
2. Should my insurance company be notified before repairs?
3. Do I need to contact more than one shop for an estimate?
4. Am I responsible for the cost of repairs?
5. Is the repair facility responsible for the repairs performed on my car?
6. If I am having difficulties with my insurance company, do I have recourse?
7. If my insurance company does not agree with the amount of loss, do I have recourse other than No. 6?
8. Can an insurer require, direct, suggest, or recommend that your automobile be repaired at a specific shop?
9. Can my insurer require me to use non-original equipment manufacturer (non-OEM) replacement crash parts for the repair of my car?