Wheel and Frame Alignments

Wheel alignments and wheel balancing are not the same. Many people don’t understand the difference. If either is compromised American Canyon Collision Center just north of Vallejo off Highway 29 can fix your car alignment problem. They know all about corrections in wheel alignment and balancing and how it improves handling and braking for your automobile (and save you gas!).

Symptoms of a wheel alignment problem are:Uneven tire tread and

  • Most often accompanied by rapid tire wear
  • Car or truck “leans” or veers right or left on level road
  • Vehicle seems to “pull away” off straight line

Symptoms of a wheel balancing problem are:

  • Steering wheel vibrates at certain highway speeds
  • You feel vibrations coming from floor of car or under seat
  • Unusual tire wear often referred to as “scalloped” or “cupped”

At American Canyon Collision Center (located few miles north of Vallejo off Highway 29) their computerized alignment system combined with their expert alignment technicians will perform the following tasks on your vehicle to ensure tip-top performance. These tasks include:

  • Road-tests your vehicle at both city and highway speeds to determine how its handling on the road
  • Inspect all tires for abnormal wear patterns
  • Inspects the steering linkage and suspension for wear and tear
  • Finding “hidden damages” that most visual inspections may or may not miss. Proper alignment of two and four, and all wheel drive, wheels and suspensions.