What Exactly Is Detailing And Why Does My Car Need It?

Auto detailing is a specialized process where you try to maintain your car in the best possible condition (as close the same showroom condition as when it was brand new). Protecting the beauty and appearance of your car makes you feel good and helps to project out a good image about yourself. But perhaps even more importantly it actually improves your car’s future trade in value!

You can also gift an auto detailing package which always is a big hit! The customers at American Canyon Collision Center who bring in auto detailing gift cards always seem quite happy with their present and with what a professional detailing gift has to offer. It is a great surprise for Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, or any other celebrated occasion.

How Often Should I Detail My Car and Truck?

Ideally, every three months is recommend. Please inquire about American Canyon Collision Center maintenance-volume programs to get excellent discounts! The company services:

  • Individuals
  • Taxi Cab Companies
  • Limousine Companies

Tips When Washing and Drying Your Vehicle:

The biggest rule of thumb of washing your car is find a cool place with plenty of shade! Never ever wash your car in the sun. Hot sun and soapy water do not mix well because the water can leave spots on your cars paint. A good test is to just touch your car before washing. If your car or truck feels hot-it’s too hot to wash.

What are you wearing to wash your car?

Do not wear jeans with rivets, belts, zippers, buttons, jewelry….anything that can potentially scratch your cars paint while washing. Rinse down the area of the car you are washing. Rinse your car with a gentle stream of water- don’t use any high pressure hoses. Use LOTS of water when rinsing the car.

When washing, use generous amounts of water/detergent with a sponge-for a small car use three or four buckets; medium size car use four to five buckets; and for a large car use five or six buckets. Wash car in sections: roof, fenders, doors, hood, trunk, and so forth. Repeat cycle again if necessary.

Remember to always rinse after your finished washing each section. You do not want dried up soap on your car. Use micro-fiber towels or the softest towels you can find for drying. Do not wash under any trees due to sap or bird droppings.

Glass Cleaning Tips:

Do not attempt to clean glass in direct sunlight. Use plenty of towels so that you will have a fresh one for each portion of glass. Use micro-fiber towels if available. Try using old newspapers to clean glass, it gives it a polishing effect! Do a dry clean pass on all windows to eliminate any possible streaking.

Complete Detailing-Cleaning Services include but are not limited to:

  • Hand Washes
  • Waxing
  • High Speed Buffing
  • Engine Detailing
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Interior Restoration
  • Tar and Sap Removal
  • Paint Over-Spray Removal